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Have you dreamed of writing and publishing a book? Are you looking for motivation to get your story out into the world? Or maybe you have a manuscript written, but you’re unsure about the next step. Perhaps you’re curious about hiring an editor, or would like someone to guide you through the publishing process. Rachael Steil has been through it all, and can help bring your story to life.

Steil is the author of the memoir Running in Silence and founder of the Running in Silence 501c3 (www.runninginsilence.org), where she is a nationally recognized eating disorder recovery speaker. Steil earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Aquinas College in 2015 and is the 2021 recipient of the Aquinas College Outstanding Young Alumni award. She is currently writing her second book.

Since publishing the second edition of Running in Silence in 2020, Steil wants to see aspiring authors navigate the editing and publishing journey with ease and clarity. Rachael can help you navigate this process through her editing services or publishing guidance.

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I want everyone to read this book. What struck me most was the sheer honesty of how Rachael shares what she went through, how it impacted her sport, and how it impacted her emotionally, physically, and socially.

Rachael Steil clocked in as an All-American collegiate runner; she became a girl clawing for a comeback on a fruitarian diet. This year-long struggle with raw food ended when she realized she had to find her self-respect beyond her identity as a successful runner on a perfect diet. Running in Silence opens the door on the secret world of eating disorders. It provides vital insights for those who don’t suffer from this disorder and an honest and harrowing personal story for those who do. Steil challenges the stigma of eating disorders, looks past appearance, and dives into the heart of obsession.


“I absolutely loved Running in Silence! Rachael put into words the thoughts and feelings I’ve never been able to express to my family and friends. I cannot thank Rachael enough for putting her story out there. This book is perfect for anyone suffering, in recovery, those helping a friend or family member through recovery, or anyone just trying to understand the disorder a little more!”

Collegiate Cross Country and Track Runner

Rachael anchors me to this craft of editing despite the juggling act of my full-time job and the self-doubts that come with writing. One of her strengths as an editor is her responsiveness to whatever my needs are. She has given me accountability, constructive feedback, and confidence to keep going! Every time we conference she is timely and professional. She has been flexible with my schedule and well-organized. In my opinion, however, the best part about working with Rachael is that she knows what it is like to write. She understands what it takes to get to the finish line. I have appreciated every session of her upbeat support and her vault of insight and encouragement. To anyone that needs help with their writing, at whatever genre or stage in the process, I highly recommend contacting Rachael!”

Sharon Hecker
Hope College Graduate, Teacher, Writer

“Rachael was an outstanding speaker at the MITCA clinic, certainly of great value to all the coaches there. She got rave reviews, as it was so interesting hearing from an athlete on the subject. And when I read her book that night, I couldn’t put it down.”

Kernie Gilliam
Michigan Coaches Hall of Fame, MITCA clinic director, MITCA Coaches Education Chairperson, former MITCA President